If you're someone with a flare for entertaining others, keeping them comfortable and enjoying your company then why not apply to become an escort! As one of the most well-established agencies in one of the biggest cities in the US, you can bet that working with us will earn yourself a good living. All it takes is an application through this page and we'll get back to you on whether we're interested or not.

Our applicants come from all over the world, so no matter your experience, we know what we're looking for. As we said we hire girls from all over the world so there really is nothing to lose if you're unsure on whether to apply, especially if you feel you meet our standards. Of course, you should understand that while a great number of you that apply may be impressive, we cannot accept everyone. With our time in this industry comes a level of standard that, to remain above other agencies, we continue to uphold. Of course, there's absolutely no reason to believe that not being accepted means we don't think you're hot enough, but with all the applicants we get we tend to get our spaces taken quickly. As you'd expect, we prefer women that reflect our personality as a company and all that we've built since starting the agency. Those of you that we feel meet this description will be made to feel welcome as a part of our team.

So, for those of you that feel like you'd make the perfect addition to our agency an exceptional girl, with something special to offer and all the right characteristics of an escort then we'd love to hear from you! Of course with any partnership there are a number of requirements:

  • You must be 18 or over.

  • You must be legally able to work and reside in the USA.

  • You must be self-employed and solely responsible for paying your own income tax.

  • You must arrange your own transportation to and from clients.

To apply please fill out the form below and we'll be sure to contact you as soon as possible!